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Four Safe Ways To Make Your Teething Baby More Comfortable

Teething is a necessary and frustrating stage in your baby's life and in your life as a parent. When your little one is screaming in agony from newly erupted teeth, you desperately want some peace and quiet – but you also want your baby to be comfortable! Here are four safe ways to reduce your baby's teething pain so the both of you can get some rest. Rub their gums. Read More 

Better Breathing And Sleeping | 4 Ways To Reduce Your Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Sleep apnea wreaks havoc on your body by interrupting your breathing patterns at night. If you have sleep apnea, you likely already know the main symptoms: daytime fatigue, low energy, and difficulty concentrating. You may not realize, however, that sleep apnea is linked to many severe health problems, including hypertension, kidney disease, and diabetes. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce sleep apnea symptoms, breathe better, and sleep better at night. Read More 

The Truth Behind Dental Veneer Myths

Are your teeth very yellow or feel like they are the wrong shape? Do you wish that your teeth had a completely different look to them? You may be under the impression that the only way to get "perfect" teeth is to eventually have dentures or other false teeth put in, but that's simply not true. Having veneers added can be a great way to get the look that you want. Read More 

Worried Your Child Has Your Poor Oral Health? Get Ahead Of Heredity Problems

If you have a family history of poor oral health and you worry that your child will have a lot of cavities and dental problems just like you, it's important to get them into the dentist at a young age. You want to see if they have shaping and placement problems that are already putting their teeth at the risk of developing cavities, and you want to know what to do to prevent oral health concerns. Read More 

What Happens To Your Dental Implants After Death And What You Can Choose To Do With Them

If you have dental implants, they generally stay with you for life. They are firmly rooted to your jaw bone with special screws. That said, you may be wondering what happens to dental implants after you have passed away. There are also some things you can do with your implants after you have passed on. You can make these arrangements for your implants prior to your passing. What Happens to Your Implants after Death Read More