Second Time’s The Charm? What You Should Know About Getting Braces As An Adult

Pulling out those old yearbook pictures is enough to make most people cringe. Yet you find yourself staring at that mouth full of metal while everyone else is giggling about hairstyles and fashion trends. Having a few post-high school regrets is not at all uncommon, especially when you and your parents invested time and money into trying to create a beautiful smile only to have your teeth shift out of alignment later in life. Fortunately, you can turn that frown upside down by exploring the new options that are now available for adult orthodontic treatment.

New Braces Are Less Invasive

If you close your eyes, you can probably still hear those taunts of metal mouth coming across the school yard. Or, you may have been lucky enough to live in a neighborhood where braces were cool, but you hated having to give up your favorite foods. Today, clear braces use plastic trays that do not involve painful wires and metal brackets. In fact, they can easily be removed so that you can eat, drink and play sports normally while still working toward straightening your teeth.

Aligned Teeth Prevent Other Dental Issues

People often think of misaligned teeth as just affecting a person's appearance. However, teeth that are too close together are prone to decay since they cannot always be brushed and flossed properly. An improper bite also places additional pressure on the teeth every time you bite or chew that can lead to damage such as chipping and breaking. While getting adult braces may seem like a luxury, you may discover that they are a necessity for preventing future problems with your oral health.

Sticking to Your Treatment Plan is Easier

After orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to wear a retainer. This is where many people find that their earlier treatment went awry. In the past, you might not have been expected to wear your retainer for long, or you may have tossed it aside as a rebellious teenager. Either way, you have a new sense of maturity now that makes it easier to comply with your orthodontist's instructions. The new clear aligners are also easier to clean and maintain than traditional metal braces, and you know that a streamlined routine is always easier to follow.

Sometimes, it takes growing up a little bit to fully take advantage of orthodontic treatment. When smiling in the mirror makes you want to cry, it is time to take action and do what it takes to boost your confidence as well as your oral health. While it may be the second time around, you will quickly discover that getting braces is so much easier and more comfortable thanks to new technology that has transformed the orthodontic field. Talk to your dentist, someone from a place like Fayetteville Family Dentistry, about other options that might be available to you.