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Cosmetic Dentistry Will Help You Make Good First Impressions

First impressions are usually the ones that last the longest. This is at least what most people used to think, although there was no scientific reasoning backing that belief. However, a recent research study conducted by the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) found a positive correlation between a great smile and a good first impression. This article explains why cosmetic dentistry will help you make good first impressions. The importance of appearance Read More 

What Are The Different Kinds Of Dental Implants?

If you have missing teeth or a damaged jawbone, having implants placed is more than a simple cosmetic procedure: it's actually quite important to protect the health of the remaining teeth, jaw, and gum tissue – all of which are otherwise at increased risk of atrophy and decay. Your dentist has likely recommended that you undergo an implantation procedure, so let's clear up some of the mystique behind the process. There are three primary types of dental implants, which are differentiated by the location of their placement relative to the jawbone. Read More 

Three Healthy Foods That Will Send You Running To The Dentist

Everyone knows that candy, cakes, and cola will send you to the dentist. The sugar in these foods leads to cavities. But did you know that there are healthy foods that will result in a visit to the dentist? While these foods won't give you cavities, they can stain your teeth. This might lead to a visit to a cosmetic dentist if you want to remove the stains. Let's take a look at some healthy foods that can stain your teeth. Read More