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Tips For Choosing The Right Orthodontist When Your Teen Needs Braces

Most people desire a straight, even smile, but not many people are born with naturally straight teeth. Orthodontic services, most commonly braces, are typically done during the adolescent years after a person has all of his or her permanent teeth. Braces can be a big financial investment, so most parents want to choose the best orthodontist possible when their teen needs braces. If you're searching for an orthodontist for your teen, use the following tips to find your best option. Read More 

3 Keys For Giving Your Child Great Dental Care

Children's dental care is tremendously important since it gives you the chance to make sure your child develops healthy and strong, with excellent digestion. Oral health care begins the digestive process, so you need to help your child do everything that they can to have healthy gums and teeth, free of cavities and any form of oral disease. To do this, start out with the tips in this article and begin reaching out to some children's dental care specialists that can help you. Read More 

3 Unusual Reasons For Bleeding Gums

If your gums bleed, you may believe that you have gingivitis. While this is one of the most common causes of bleeding gums, there are other, less common causes. If your gums bleed, see your dentist for a complete examination, and treatment, if necessary. Here are three unusual reasons for bleeding gums, and what you can do about them: GERD If you have a digestive condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, your gums might bleed. Read More 

2 Mistakes To Avoid When A Knocked Out Tooth Leaves Behind Fragments In Your Gum

After falling down and hitting your mouth, you may have discovered that you knocked out one of your teeth. However, upon further investigation, you may have also found that the tooth left behind fragments. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes when giving yourself emergency care afterward. Putting Anything in Your Mouth Besides Gauze After you knock out your tooth, you may have bystanders try to give you advice on what to do. Read More 

Three Ways To Increase You Chances Of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a serious matter, whether it's in the early stages of gingivitis or in the later stages of full blown periodontitis. Generally speaking, both are gum disease. They are caused when bacteria get into the pockets between your gums and teeth, forming hard plaque buildup that later leads to gum and bone loss. The following are three things that increase your chances of developing a form of gum disease, along with what you can do to prevent it. Read More