3 Factors To Consider When Deciding Between A Dental Implant Or A Bridge To Replace Your Missing Tooth

A missing tooth can be a source of embarrassment, especially if it's in a highly visible location. However, a missing tooth isn't only a cosmetic problem — it can significantly impact your oral health. The empty socket acts as a space in which food particles and bacteria can hide, contributing to future gum disease. Replacing your missing tooth is important to protect your gums and the rest of your teeth. Read More 

Dental Care Tips For Older Adults

As you grow older and approach retirement age, you may see more and more of your peers having to get dentures or implants to replace their natural teeth. You don't want this to be your fate — but are there really ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy into old age? Yes there are! While the care you gave your teeth when you were younger surely plays a role, there are plenty of things you can do now to preserve your dental health, too. Read More