Tooth Bonding Versus Crowns: Which Is Best For Your Damaged Tooth?

When you are concerned about a chipped, broken or otherwise damaged tooth, it's often difficult to determine in advance whether you will be able to have the tooth bonded or if you will need a crown. Since there is usually a considerable price difference between the two and crowns are more time-consuming to provide than dental bonding, that differentiation can be significant. Therefore, if you're waiting impatiently for your visit to the dentist and trying to establish what might happen there, it's a good idea to be aware of the information shared below. Read More 

How To Keep Porcelain Veneers White And Shiny

Porcelain veneers are common products dentists use to fix problems with teeth. Dentists use them for fixing cracked and chipped teeth, and they use them for lengthening short teeth or filling in gaps between teeth. If you are preparing to get a dental veneer, you should find out everything you can about caring for them. With proper care, they can stay white and shiny for a very long time. Here are several things to know about veneers and how to keep them white. Read More 

3 Benefits of Taking Your Child into the Pediatric Dentist Early

There are several wonderful benefits that come along with taking your child into the pediatric dentist from an early age and this article will discuss 3 of these benefits in more detail.  Reduced Fear of the Dentist If you start off by taking your child into the dentist before they are even old enough to realize what the dentist is, then they will be much less likely to have an unnecessary fear of the dentist. Read More 

3 Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques To Fix Crooked Teeth

Are you suffering from self-esteem issues due to your crooked teeth? If so, know that you can use cosmetic dentistry to fix those problems with your teeth that are causing you to feel embarrassed. These techniques can help get your teeth looking great again. Reshaping Do your teeth have a minor problem that you never bothered to have fixed? It could be a jagged edge that causes one tooth to be higher than the surrounding teeth, or a chip in a front tooth that everyone can see. Read More 

What Is The Process Of Getting A Dental Implant?

Dental implants are made of titanium and the base which connects to your jawbone is a screw or cylinder. It is long enough to firmly embed into the jaw and protrude enough for the tooth part to attach to. The part that looks like a tooth is a crown made up of porcelain and this attaches to a special attachment called an abutment. The actual process does take a period of several months to complete. Read More