Why Do People Get Dental Implants?

As far as you know, dental implants are expensive replacement teeth that people get to fix an area of their mouth where a tooth has been pulled. Why not just get dentures, a crown, a bridge, a spacer, or even a retainer with a fake tooth attached to it to repair your smile? Why do people get dental implants?

There are several reasons why people get dental implants, and you'll learn more about how they can benefit you if you explore your options and learn more about dental implants in the first place. Here are just a few reasons why people get dental implants. Discuss them with your dentist to see if they make sense for you as well and if you can get your dentist to refer you to a dental specialist who can put implants in for you.

They want to have a more secure smile

Dental implants are put in the mouth by having crowns placed on posts. The posts themselves are placed into the jaw bone, which makes for a very secure replacement tooth, indeed. If you want to have replacement teeth that are super secure and won't move or shift like retainers, dentures, or other replacement teeth, then do what other people do and consider dental implants.

They want a more natural smile

A natural smile has realistic gums and teeth that match the size and color of surrounding teeth. A natural smile also has all its teeth, which is something that a lot of people worry about when they have to have a tooth pulled or lose a tooth due to damage or age. If you want to restore your smile so it looks more natural and like the rest of your healthy teeth, then getting a few dental implant posts put in your mouth to secure more permanent implants will help you achieve this goal.

They want a more comfortable smile

It doesn't matter if you have to replace one or all your teeth, you can get dental implants. They're more comfortable than dentures and easier to get used to. If you want to restore your smile in a way that doesn't make you have to get fitted for dentures regularly, then consider dental implants. Even if you already use dentures, the upgrade to dental implants can be very beneficial.

Your dentist will tell you all your options before you get referred to an oral surgeon or another specialist for dental implants.