3 Surprising Ways Dental Cleanings Can Benefit You

A partnership with a qualified dentist is important when it comes to maintaining your oral health. Routine cleanings can help you avoid cavities and identify problems before they turn into serious risks.

Although most adults recognize the important role dental cleanings play in preserving oral health, surveys show that 40% don't schedule routine cleanings with their dentist.

A dental cleaning can affect more than just your oral health. There are some surprising benefits associated with regular dental cleanings. Learn more about these benefits so that you can fully appreciate the importance of scheduling regular cleanings with your dentist in the future.

1. Improve Heart Health

There is a connection between oral health and the health of the heart.

Heart disease is one of the leading killers of adults in the United States. This heart condition is caused by inflammation in the arteries. Oral health problems can exacerbate this inflammation.

Gum disease causes chronic inflammation in the mouth. This chronic inflammation can trigger or worsen inflammation in the arteries. Regular dental cleanings are essential in warding off gum disease.

If you make and keep routine dental cleaning appointments, you can reduce your risk of experiencing a serious heart episode by 14%.

2. Raise Confidence Levels

Dental cleanings can have a direct impact on the way that you feel about yourself.

Routine dental cleanings allow you to maintain a straight, healthy, and white smile. This will encourage you to start conversations with strangers, speak in public settings, and smile more often. A quality smile can significantly raise confidence levels.

Experts believe that self-confidence is linked to many of the elements that help create a happy and fulfilled life. Confident individuals seem to be more motivated. They are also less likely to experience anxiety or fear and have more meaningful relationships with others.

Investing in routine dental cleanings can help you maintain a quality smile, which will give you the self-confidence you need to become happier and more successful in the future.

3. Preserve Your Memory

You may be surprised to learn that there is a significant connection between oral health and cognitive ability. One cognitive ability that is particularly vulnerable to damage by poor oral health is memory.

Gingivitis is caused by an accumulation of bacteria on the soft tissues in the mouth. This bacteria, which scientists have named Porphyromonas gingivalis, has the ability to travel from the mouth to the brain.

Once it has infiltrated the brain, Porphyromonas gingivalis releases enzymes that attack and destroy nerve cells.

Autopsies performed on patients who died with memory conditions revealed elevated enzyme levels. This suggests that there is a link between gingivitis and the development of medical conditions that cause memory loss.

Your dentist will use routine cleaning appointments to eliminate harmful bacteria from your teeth and gums. Routine dental cleaning allows you to minimize the risk of bacteria-induced memory loss in the future.

Taking care of your teeth and gums is incredibly important. Your oral health can have an effect on the overall health of your body in a wide range of ways.

Routine dental cleaning appointments give you the best chance at preventing the development of oral health problems that could lead to more serious medical conditions down the road. When you invest in routine dental cleaning, you reduce your risk of heart disease, boost your self-confidence, and protect yourself against bacteria-induced memory loss.

Dentists advise healthy patients to schedule dental cleanings at least once per year. High-risk patients may need dental cleanings twice per year. You should check with your dentist to determine if you need more frequent cleanings to maintain optimal oral health. 

For more information about dental cleanings, talk to a local dentist.