Get to a Family Dentist Fast If You Experience These Four Things

Poor oral health can be uncomfortable, and in some cases unsightly. Dental anxiety can cause some people to not go to the dentist. However, this choice could result in numerous dental issues and could result in tooth loss. Poor oral health can negatively impact more than teeth and gums. It may affect heart health and cause digestive issues. If you have missed several dentist visits, it is wise to locate a family dental clinic for a dental exam. It could prevent tooth loss and ensure that you do not have serious dental problems such as gum disease developing. The following points represent dental problems that indicate something serious might be happening to your mouth.

Bleeding Gums

This is a sign of inflammation in the mouth. Bleeding gums can also occur when individuals brush their teeth too hard. A family dentist can determine whether bleeding gums are a serious issue and help with toothbrush selection. A serious reason behind bleeding gums is gum disease. In its advanced stages, it can make tooth extractions the only option. Individuals who do not get treatment for gum disease may have teeth that fall out.

Chronic Dry Mouth

Saliva production is a necessary and natural process. Individuals who ignore dry mouth could end up with issues that negatively impact their gum health. This is because saliva aids in neutralizing bacteria. Sometimes dry mouth can lead to halitosis. A family dentist can provide solutions for improving saliva production.


Self-medicating is one method some individuals use for toothaches. It may work for a while. However, eventually, the root cause of the tooth pain may worsen leaving no choice except to get to a dentist. There are many reasons that toothaches occur. Cracked teeth, cavities, and recessed gums are common causes.

Uncomfortable Eating and Drinking

Pain or discomfort after consuming certain foods or drinks is not normal. These actions should be easy to complete when teeth are healthy. Damaged teeth may be sensitive and cause individuals to chew differently. This is often to avoid pain. Tooth sensitivity can happen when the enamel is damaged and might cause you to avoid hot and cold foods. There are several solutions to correct uncomfortable chewing and drinking such as veneers, dental fillings, or dental crowns. 

A family dental clinic is a good resource to use to learn more reasons why routine dental visits are important. If you have dental anxiety, they can explore options that can help you calm down during services or even use medicine that will put you in a "sleep-like" state. You can save time when you choose a family dental clinic because they serve patients of all ages.