Examples Of Implant-Based Restorations

In dentistry, an implant-based restoration is a term that generally applies to any application that utilizes a dental implant as its foundation. The implant is a device that is designed to take the place of the roots of a lost tooth.

After an implant wound has healed and the device has integrated with the jawbone, it becomes stable in the bone tissue and can support devices that replace a missing tooth's crown. 

Here are some examples of implant-based restorations.

A Dental Implant With a Dental Crown

A dental implant with a dental crown is commonly used to replace a single missing tooth. During the implant surgery, the dentist inserts the device into the bone of the jaw, and the surgical wound is allowed to heal. Once the healing process, which takes a few months, has concluded, an abutment and a dental crown can be attached to the dental implant. The placement of the dental crown or cap completes the restoration of the lost tooth.

Dental Implants With a Bridge

A bridge is also frequently used to replace a single lost tooth. However, it can also be used to replace several missing teeth. If a traditional bridge is used, it includes the false teeth in the center of the appliance with a dental crown on each end. The crowns are used to hold the bridge in its position in the mouth. Each crown is cemented to a tooth that borders the gap or space left by the lost tooth. These bordering teeth are called abutment teeth.

Nevertheless, sometimes one or both abutment teeth are missing. Instead of securing the bridge crowns to natural teeth, the dentist can attach them to dental implants. A connector must still be added to the implant before the attachment of the crown.

Dental Implants With a Full Palate of False Teeth

Dental implants can also support a full palate of replacement teeth. If the dentist desires to use a removable device, a traditional denture may be fitted with connectors to attach the denture to dental implants. However, if a more permanent restoration is desired. false teeth can be attached to the implants using screws that can only be removed by a dental professional. 

The support of the implants prevents the shifting of the attached appliances, making the restoration more functional and comfortable.

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