Oral Risks Of Sipping The Wrong Beverages All Day

Water is definitely the best beverage you can drink, and this is true not only for your general health but also for the health of your teeth. If you like to drink and sip on other beverages all day long, you could be damaging your teeth without even realizing it. Sipping on beverages other than water is a risky thing to do, and here are several things to understand about this.

The worst types of beverages for your teeth

Anything you drink, besides water, may result in negative consequences to your teeth, and this occurs because most beverages contain sugars and acids. Beverages like this are not good for your teeth, simply because they expose your teeth to these ingredients. The worst types of beverages you can consume include coffee, tea, soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, alcoholic drinks, and fruit juices. As you can see, just about any beverage you consume could have negative effects on your teeth.

Why sipping on them is not a good idea

One of the biggest problems with beverages other than water is that most people do not simply grab a drink and consume it right away. Instead, they will sip on it for an hour or longer. Think about a coffee drinker, for example. A person who drinks coffee might sip on cup after cup of coffee all morning long, and this could last for hours. The problem with this is that when you sip on a beverage over the course of hours, you are repeatedly exposing your teeth to sugars and acids, and this is what is likely to cause damage to your teeth.

Tips to help you reduce the risks of problems caused by beverages

Beverages other than water are fine to drink on occasion, but they are not things you should consume and sip on all day long. Instead, if you want to have a beverage other than water, drink it quickly. Spend less than 30 minutes drinking it, and when you are done with it, rinse your mouth out with water. Secondly,  You can reduce the sugars and acid content that comes in contact with your teeth if you use a straw while sipping a drink, so you should consider using a straw with all other beverages.

If you have problems with your teeth or questions about your teeth, you can learn more by scheduling a visit for a dental cleaning with a dentist in your city.