Hire A Family Dentist Who Recognizes And Effectively Treats Dual Diabetes And Periodontal Gum Disease

When it comes down to facts, maintaining your oral health is one of the most important things that you should do. That's why acquiring a family dentist for you and your family ensures that every member of your family gets overall care that keeps teeth and gums healthy. Your gum care is of major importance, and major care should be taken to make sure that you do not develop periodontal gum disease. Why is that so important?

Research Findings

Dental researchers note that 50 percent of adults have gum disease in America. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people suffer from periodontal disease. The problem with this discovery is that, sure, anyone can develop periodontal disease. However, if you already have diabetes, you have a heightened risk of developing periodontal disease. Diabetes and periodontal disease can sometimes go hand in hand and are no respecter of age groups. So your child with juvenile diabetes could also be diagnosed with gum disease just as adults do. Your family dentist care appointments involve testing for early infections that may lead up to a diagnosis of periodontal disease.

How These Dual Diseases Play Out

The question of whether diabetes causes changes in your oral microbiome has long been considered a troubling possibility. Those two diseases are characteristic markers of gum disease. Earlier, researchers felt that changes in your oral microbiome had the potential to cause microbial inflammation and associated bone loss changes. At that point in time, there was no firm evidence to confirm that theory, and there was a reluctance to issue a definitive finding then.

Oral Microbiome Does Occur

Recently a university-related study announced that diabetes does cause changes in the oral microbiome based on their experiments using rats. The rats were given treatments for diabetes and periodontal disease. The treatment proves that rats with oral microbiome changes benefit from treatment. The new finding offers your family dentist the advantage of successfully treating you or family members suffering from periodontal disease and diabetes.

What Sparks Combination Of Diabetes And Periodontal Disease?

It's no news then that periodontal disease is so prevalent in diabetic patients. Why is that so? The difficulty in controlling your blood glucose level invites into your body bacteria that easily thrives on sugar. So listen when your family dentist intones that you must keep your glucose levels down to lessen your chances of developing periodontal disease. Feeding off sugar in your mouth, bacteria multiplies uncontrollably fast. At that point, dental disease progresses in your mouth environment like a spreading wildfire.