3 Things to Know About Periodontal Disease

Are you having a difficult time getting relief from your red and tender gums? If the cause of your problem is due to the presence of periodontal disease, the condition might only become worse without professional treatment. Your mouth must be examined so a dentist can determine how far along the disease has progressed. This article will provide more insight about the different stages of periodontal disease and the type of treatment you might need.

1. Developing Gingivitis

The first stage of periodontal disease development is known as gingivitis. It is possible that you have gingivitis due to your gums being red and tender, unless you are experience other symptoms as well. Basically, gingivitis occurs when you have neglected to remove the plaque off of your teeth for a long time. You can even get the disease if you brush often if the job is not done thoroughly. The bacterium in plaque is what caused your gums to become infected and diseased.

2. Progressing to Periodontitis

If you are only currently suffering from the first stage of periodontal disease, the condition can easily progress to periodontitis. If you end up with periodontitis, you can experience symptoms that are more severe than the current ones. For instance, your teeth might become loose due to the disease weakening your jawbones. The loose teeth will eventually fall completely out of your mouth, which can interfere with your ability to chew and appearance. Some of the other symptoms of periodontitis include gums that bleed a lot, a dental abscess, jaw pain, and bad breath.

3. Getting the Right Kind of Treatment

Each individual will get treated for periodontal disease based on his or her specific symptoms. If you have gingivitis, the main thing a dentist may want to do is remove plaque from your teeth, but you will also have to take antibiotics for a short while to treat your infected gums. If a dentist diagnoses you with periodontitis, it is possible that he or will want to extract loose teeth, perform bone grafting for weak jawbones, or scale your teeth to remove tartar. You will not know the extent of treatment necessary for treating periodontitis until your mouth has been examined. Get in touch with a clinic like Cloverleaf Dental Center as soon as you can so they can determine which form of periodontal disease you are suffering from and your best treatment options.