The Perfect Meals To Eat After The Perfect Tooth Whitening

Whitening your teeth can make you smile more attractive within just an hour's time. If you are going through a round of teeth whitening, you may notice some sensitivity. If you have tooth sensitivity after getting out of your treatments, you will need to be careful about what you eat. You don't want to reverse the whitening process and you do not want to hurt your teeth eating hard food. Here is a good diet plan for the day of and day after getting the tooth whitening. 

Steamed vegetables over rice

If you enjoy healthy options, you can have a meal of steamed vegetables and rice. Steamed vegetables such as broccoli, squash, cucumbers, and cauliflower can be placed over a bed of rice. You can add spices as necessary in order to give the meal the type of taste that you enjoy best. These foods are light on dye or have no color at all and therefore will not cause any issues with staining the teeth. Be sure to steam the vegetables until a fork easily slips through without much pressure. This will ensure that your teeth don't hurt due to a hard meal. 

Warm sandwiches

A nice warm sandwich makes an excellent lunch and offers you a number of choices. Whether you are a turkey with vegetables fan or a bacon, lettuce and tomato fan, a good sandwich can be filling and easy to grab and go. Make a sandwich and warm up the bread for one of your meals after tooth whitening. Be sure to just warm the bread or sandwich in a microwave so that you do not toast the bread. Toasting the bread can make it harder on the outside, which can irritate your teeth after the whitening treatment. 


A good soup will serve double duty, as it will be warm enough to soothe the teeth rather than irritate them and it will require no chewing at all. Have some of your favorite clear soups available right after your tooth whitening. You can try a variety of soups such as chicken noodle, clam chowder, and even create your very own homemade soup on the stove with chicken bones and your favorite vegetables. Stay away from tomato soup so that your teeth are not stained. To make your meal more hearty, you should add a side of fresh bread, such as french bread or garlic.  

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