2 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry

One of the best resources available to you if you need dental work done is sedation dentistry, mostly because it can benefit you in a variety of different ways. Sedation dentistry typically involves putting you in a relaxed state or making you completely unconscious in order to make your dental procedures easier on you. Listed below are two reasons to consider sedation dentistry.

Fewer Appointments

A great advantage of sedation dentistry is that it can allow you to undergo more dental procedures in one appointment than if you could if you were completely conscious. The reason for this is that the limits on the work that can be done in a single dental appointment are typically the discomfort that can come from having to hold your mouth open for a long period of time or getting bored while the dentist does his or her work.

With sedation dentistry, you are completely relaxed and will not be getting bored, so the dentist can perform multiple procedures during a single long appointment rather than have you come back for more appointments. This is a great benefit if you have a busy work or school schedule that makes it very hard to schedule time off repeatedly for dental appointments.

No Fear

Another reason to consider sedation dentistry is if you are afraid of anxious when it comes to seeing the dentist. When you are afraid of the dentist and get stressed out during your procedure, you not only make the experience worse for yourself, you also make it harder for the dentist to complete the procedure in a timely manner. However, when you are partly sedated, you will be relaxed enough that you will most likely not feel the fear or anxiety that you normally do and you will be more likely to cooperate with the dentist.

In addition, you will not have to worry about the fear of experiencing pain during the procedure because the sedation tends to greatly increase your pain threshold, which often results in you not feeling any pain at all. A nice bonus is that if you are completely sedated, you will not be conscious enough to feel the pain at all or even remember the procedure at all.

Contact a dentist today in order to discuss if sedation dentistry is a good choice for you. Sedation dentistry is a great option that can help you cut down on your dental appointments and reduce your fear levels when undergoing a dental procedure.

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