Is Your Speech Suffering From Dental Issues? These 3 Devices Can Fix It

Missing and misaligned teeth are two dental related issues that can cause you to have poor speech. Every single tooth that you have plays a crucial role in how you pronounce words and chew your food. If you were to lose a tooth or have one that as crooked, it can impact your life in several ways. For example, teeth will drift to close a gap caused by a missing tooth. Thankfully, there are some dental devices that can help fix these problems so that your speech is not affected.


You'll need to have dentures that fit properly if you want them to work best for you, since dentures that are ill-fitting can exacerbate speech problems. If they are loose, it will cause the dentures to slip around in your mouth. It will become frustrating very quickly, because you'll find yourself more concerned with the placement of the dentures than making the correct sounds when talking.

Once your dentures have the proper fit, you can use dental adhesives to make sure that they remain in place throughout the entire day. Adhesives are not meant to fix dentures that fit poorly, but add to your security and comfort of everyday wear.

Dental Implants

If you do not want to deal with dentures that potentially slip, a dental implant will be a much more secure way to correct your missing teeth. The titanium implant will act as the root, bonding with your jawbone to form a secure attachment point for a crown. They don't require any aids to stay in position once they are installed. All you will need to do is brush and floss just like normal, because the health of a dental implant depends on the health of your gums. Ignoring oral hygiene can lead to gum disease, which will weaken the implant's stability.

Dental Bridges

Speech can suffer when you are only missing a couple of teeth. If dental implants are too expensive for you, a fixed dental bridge may be the solution. A bridge does require two healthy teeth that surround the gap that needs correction. Crowns act as anchors that hold a fake tooth between them. It will help prevent your healthy teeth from drifting towards the gap.

Do you feel like one of these devices can fix your speech issues? Contact a dental office, such as the Associates For Family Dentistry, for a consultation. They can see which method you would be a good candidate for, and discuss pricing.