The Most Inaccurate Root Canal Myths Exposed

You may be worried when your dentist tells you that you will need a root canal. While it is normal to be worried before a surgery, it is also important to make sure that your fears are not rooted in myths. There are many commonly-held beliefs about root canals that are simply not true. This article will help you understand the truth behind root canals.

Myth: Root Canals Cause Pain

Root canal therapy is designed to alleviate pain, not cause it. Most likely, your dentist has recommended this treatment because you have infected pulp and a dying nerve. The procedure is not painful because a local anesthetic is used to numb the nerve. Also, there are medications your dentist may be allowed to provide you that aid in relaxation and pain relief.

Myth: You Need To Be In Pain To Receive A Root Canal

While root canal therapy is often used for patients experiencing severe toothaches, if you do not experience any pain, you may still need to have a root canal. If you notice a pimple on your tooth, this indicates that your tooth has an infection and that there is a tunnel that is draining out the pus caused by the infection.

Myth: Your Tooth Will Need To Be Extracted

Some patients believe that their tooth will eventually need to be extracted. However, most teeth that receive root canal therapy are able to be salvaged. The condition that necessitates root canal therapy is not reversible without the procedure.

Myth: Extraction Is The Best Solution

A tooth extraction is not the best way to handle an infected tooth because your natural teeth are stronger than artificial teeth. Also, your natural teeth will give you a better natural smile than dentures or a dental implant. Because of new technologies developed for root canal therapy, it is much more likely that your dentist will save your tooth.  

Myth: The Procedure Will Take Many Appointments

You may be concerned with how long the treatment will take, but a root canal treatment will usually only require one or two visits. However many appointments you will need is based on how severe the infection is and whenever it is necessary to work with a root canal specialist.

Myth: Root Canal Therapy Causes Other Diseases

The root canal therapy will not cause additional health problems because dentists use sterilized tools to prevent an infection from being reintroduced to your tooth. There is no scientifically valid research that has linked root canal therapy to the emergence of a disease elsewhere in the body. Tooth extraction is a much more traumatic procedure that is more likely to cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream.

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