4 Ways To Make Dental Implant Surgery A Pleasant Experience

Although getting dental implants is an outpatient process, there is recovery to think about. And you may have some emotional issues to work through once you get your new implants put in. Here are a few things you can to do make dental implant surgery a more pleasant experience overall:

Let Your Family and Friends In

It may be tempting to hide the fact that you're getting dental implant surgery for fear that friends or family will judge you, but if you keep the secret to yourself, chances are that you'll feel even more judged after the surgery is complete. You may wonder to yourself if anyone can tell that your teeth are different, or even worry that people won't understand why you did it and kept it a secret.

More than likely, your friends and family will provide you with extra support and encouragement if you come clean and let them in on your plan to have dental implant surgery beforehand. That extra support is sure to come in handy in the days leading up to the start of your surgery and while you're recovering.

Eat the Right Recovery Foods

While you're recovering from your dental implant surgery, you may have some pain and discomfort when it comes time to enjoy your meals. Foods that are hard to chew such as steak and chips may turn meal time into an experience that you dread. Luckily, you can meet all of your nutritional needs while making meal time more comfortable by choosing softer foods to dine on in the days or weeks after surgery. When planning your meals, focus on making the following options the center of attention:

Dairy – Yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and melted cheeses are easy to eat and will provide you with the calcium your body needs.

Soft Protein -- Instead of trying to chow down on steak and chicken, include softer protein in your meals such as nut butters, tofu, beans, and fish. Beans and rice make for a great base to a Mexican inspired dish. Nut butters can be spread on toast or incorporated into baked goods.

Cooked Grains – Almost all grains are soft and easy to eat after they've been cooked, so include lots of oatmeal, rice, and even pasta in your meal plan.

You can also blend fruits and vegetables together to make filling, delicious, and nutritious smoothies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Consider Having Your Teeth Whitened

Make sure that all of your teeth are the same shade as your new implants and have your teeth whitened a few weeks after your dental implant surgery. This will help you feel less self-conscious and boost your confidence levels so you feel good about sporting your implants.

Teeth whitening treatments can be done at home with over-the-counter products, but to ensure that you achieve the same shade as your implants, have a dentist professionally whiten your teeth for you. They'll match the shade of your real teeth as close as possible to your implant teeth so it isn't obvious that all your teeth aren't natural when you smile.

Celebrate Your New Beautiful Smile

If you're getting dental implants, chances are that you aren't very happy with your smile as it is. So, spend some time celebrating your new smile after dental implant surgery and enjoy the new you. Invite a few friends and family members over for a barbecue to take themed photos together. Give everyone a chance to see your new smile and give you the compliments that you deserve. Don't be afraid to let everyone at work know how much you enjoy your new smile. Own the new smile! You deserve it.

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