3 Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques To Fix Crooked Teeth

Are you suffering from self-esteem issues due to your crooked teeth? If so, know that you can use cosmetic dentistry to fix those problems with your teeth that are causing you to feel embarrassed. These techniques can help get your teeth looking great again.


Do your teeth have a minor problem that you never bothered to have fixed? It could be a jagged edge that causes one tooth to be higher than the surrounding teeth, or a chip in a front tooth that everyone can see. A cosmetic dentist can reshape your tooth to help it blend in better.

You may have held off on getting one of your teeth reshaped because you heard that the shape of your mouth is always changing. While this is true, adjustments can be made to misshaped teeth over the years to help keep them looking great.


Dental veneers are ideal for bigger problems with your teeth. For instance, a snaggle tooth could need a lot of work to reshape the tooth, which does not allow reshaping to be a practical possibility.

The veneer rests on the visible surface of the teeth to essentially hide those imperfections on the surface. The process works by making the outer surface of the tooth rough, so that the veneer can adhere to the tooth. The veneer is applied and it will blend in with the surrounding teeth in all aspects.

Unfortunately, some people may decide against dental veneers because of the damage that needs to be done to the natural teeth. There is no way to revert your teeth back to the way they once were if you don't like the dental veneers, because it would cause the outer surface of the teeth to be exposed. You will need to maintain your dental veneers for life.


If you want to move your teeth to a natural position rather than make alterations to them, braces will be the best option. While braces can be unpopular because of the associated social stigma they have, know that there are alternative options for braces that even look invisible.

Traditional metal braces will be the cheapest option for correcting the placement of your teeth, followed by lingual braces that are hidden behind the teeth. Invisalign uses clear plastic trays that are swapped out after a week or two, but are one of the more expensive alternatives to braces.

Reach out to a local cosmetic dentist for more info on different techniques. For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Family 1st Dental.