Worried Your Child Has Your Poor Oral Health? Get Ahead Of Heredity Problems

If you have a family history of poor oral health and you worry that your child will have a lot of cavities and dental problems just like you, it's important to get them into the dentist at a young age. You want to see if they have shaping and placement problems that are already putting their teeth at the risk of developing cavities, and you want to know what to do to prevent oral health concerns. This will prevent your child from being stuck in the dental chair all the time, and save you money. Ask your dentist about these possibilities for your child at their next appointment.

Fluoride Treatment and Sealing

Fluoride is needed to help keep the teeth strong, and your child may not get enough of it out of the drinking water where you live. If this is true, then your dentist will want to give them a fluoride treatment in office when they go in for a checkup.

You should also ask about sealing. Getting the teeth sealed will prevent bacteria and plague from damaging the teeth, and it will help to prevent erosion and discoloration. Insurance should cover the cost of both these things since they are preventative.

Orthodontic Treatment

If the family oral health problems come from teeth being misaligned, crowded, or pushed together, than your child may need orthodontic treatment at a young age to protect the teeth. Talk with a dentist to see if the child's teeth need to be straightened out, so it's easier for the child to floss. When the teeth are straight it's going to be easier for the dentist to do routine cleanings, for the child to brush and to clean the gum tissue, and then you won't have to worry about orthodontic pain from crooked teeth.

Family history can play a large role in your child's oral health, so it's important that you teach your child how to care for their oral health responsibly at a young age, and that you make sure they are brushing and flossing as they need. A dentist may have additional fluoride products they want the child to use at home in addition to the treatments they get at their appointments. If you are worried your child will have your oral health problems, get them into a kids dentist, like one from Alaska Dentistry For Kids, to get an x-ray and a teeth cleaning by the professionals right away.