Understanding Recovery After Any Dental Extractions

If you know that you need to have a dental extraction in the near future for any reason, you must understand the importance of recovery afterwards. Knowing how to recover from the procedure properly will ensure that you are able to avoid major complications. Here's what you need to know:

  • Bleeding: Bleeding after you have had a tooth extraction is normal, but only for about a day. Be sure that you are using the gauze that your dentist has provided you to bite down on when you notice any bleeding during this time. If the bleeding continues, then you must contact your dentist to be sure that there are no complications. Most of the time, your dentist will suggest an alternative way to prevent the bleeding from reoccurring again, such as biting down on a moist tea bag.
  • Swelling: Swelling is also a normal side effect of tooth extractions. You can use ice to keep the swelling down, as well as keep yourself elevated, to keep the swelling from building up. Swelling usually goes away after ten days, but if it doesn't then you should contact your dentist. They may suggest some medication to take and will do an examination of the process of the tooth extraction healing. If they don't notice any problems, then it usually just needs more time for the swelling to go down and is nothing to be frightened of. 
  • Rest: You must schedule time off of work and other activities in order to rest and recover from the extraction. Talk to your dentist about this since every tooth extraction requires different amounts of time off, as well as how many teeth are being extracted at once. Typically, you will need up to two days of rest. 
  • Hygiene: Flossing and brushing your teeth regularly after a tooth extraction can be difficult since the area is going to be sensitive and opening your mouth can be challenging. You should simply brush gently and only floss if you are able to open your mouth enough to. Also, don't use mouthwash since the chemicals can cause pain to the treated area. Typically it is suggested to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Doing this helps to keep the treated area clean.

By understanding your recovery process after having a tooth extraction, you can be sure that you are that much more likely to recover fully and without any complications. Talk to experts like Simanek Milan DDS & Associates for more information.